ECOL 592 Interdisciplinary Seminar

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Current Offerings: Fall 2014

Sustaining River Hydroecosystems: the interface of physical, biological, and social sciences

Kurt Fausch, Mike Gooseff

Description:In this 2-cr seminar, students will select, summarize, and discuss readings aimed at developing a multidisciplinary understanding of river hydroecosystem structure and function as it applies to managing rivers to sustain freshwater and riparian habitat and biota in the face of human demands and climate change. Students will be evaluated on 1) selecting papers and facilitating one or more discussions of them, 2) active participation in discussions led by others, and 3) an annotated bibliography of literature on sustaining river hydroecosystems at the interface of several relevant disciplines. Instructors will evaluate students in discussions and the bibliography

Credits: 2
Restrictions: Graduate students only
First Meeting: 8/27/2014
Meeting Times: Wednesday 2-3:40
Classroom: Wagar 107
CRN: 60164
Section Number: 1
Cross Listed: Not cross listed
Enrollment Limit: 30
Background: Undergraduate degree in a physical, biological, or social science relevant to sustaining river hydroecosystems
Course Text: None. Readings will be selected jointly by instructors and students.
Instructor Contact Info:
      Kurt Fausch 491-6457
      Mike Gooseff 491-6057

Population and Conservation Genomics

W. Chris Funk

Description:Description: Recent advances in next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics are revolutionizing population and conservation genetics. Population genomics is the study of numerous loci to understand the roles of evolutionary processes (genetic drift, gene flow, selection, and mutation) that shape variation across genomes and populations. Conservation genomics is the application of genomics to address questions important in conservation and management. This course will focus on the growing literature in these related fields. Grading/evaluation: Grading is based entirely on attendance and participation. Regular attendance is expected from all enrolled students.

Credits: 1
Restrictions: BZ 525 Molecular Ecology, BZ 578 Genetics of Natural Populations, or an equivalent course is a required prerequisite.
First Meeting: 8/28/2014
Meeting Times: Thursday 12-1
Classroom: TBD (E444?)
CRN: 60165
Section Number: 2
Cross Listed: NA
Enrollment Limit: 15
Background: Students are required to have an advanced background in population genetics. This is NOT an introductory population genetics/molecular ecology course. BZ 525 Molecular Ecology, BZ 578 Genetics of Natural Populations, or an equivalent course is a required prerequisite. The goal of this discussion group is to delve deeply into papers. Thus, students are expected to already have a firm grasp of population genetics in order to get the most out of the seminar.
Course Text: NA
Instructor Contact Info:
      W. Chris Funk 1-3289


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