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Program Coordinator for the Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Program for the Southwest (RAMPS)

Program Coordinator for the Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Program for the Southwest (RAMPS)

The U.S. Geological Survey Southwest Biological Science Center seeks a successful candidate to coordinate the Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Program for the Southwest (RAMPS). The mission of RAMPS is to strengthen dryland restoration strategies and outcomes executed in the southwestern U.S. by providing science and guidance on effective restoration practices to the management community.                                 

Major Duties

1. Program coordination and development: The coordinator will: (a) help refine the RAMPS strategic objectives, priorities and direction in collaboration with a scientific advisory committee; (b) develop strategic plans for program development, including identifying implementers and users of dryland restoration science and resources needed to achieve program goals; (c) identify and help secure funding for program implementation and expansion; (d) prioritize development and delivery of short and long-term data and data products; (e) develop networks and build collaborative alliances to gather and share information regarding dryland restoration science, including attending restoration conferences and meetings; and (f) encourage creative thinking and innovation to achieve program priorities and objectives.

2. Program management: The coordinator will: (a) provide oversight of the operations of RAMPS efforts and/or project staff, resources, and work; (b) oversee the collection, management, and dissemination of data, such that the status and trends and outcomes of restoration treatments can be assessed; (c) assist in the development and maintenance of the RAMPS website to facilitate data and science product delivery, and communication with stakeholders, partners and the public; (d) coordinate and participate in the RAMPS advisory committee; (e) facilitate communication with and among participants in various geographic areas and agencies to ensure the mission and objectives of RAMPS are met; (f) assist scientists and natural resource managers on dryland restoration activities; (g) oversee education, training and outreach activities; and (h) deliver periodic reports on status, progress and products of RAMPS.

3. Science and research: The coordinator is expected to maintain visibility in the scientific community by: (a) helping to publish research products that use or apply data compiled by RAMPS and affiliated projects, (b) serving as author or co-author on proposals to granting agencies; and (c) preparing and delivering presentations for technical and professional meetings and conferences concerned with restoration.

The ideal candidate will have a Master’s or Ph.D in ecology, geography, physical sciences with a proven track-record of program coordination and research in restoration ecology.

Job Location

U.S. Geological Survey
Southwest Biological Science Center
2255 N. Gemini Dr., Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Expected Job Start Date

Fall 2016


$48,968 - $59,246 (GS-9/11), commensurate with experience, plus benefits. This is a term, full-time appointment not to exceed 13 months with possible extensions up to a total of 4 years.

To Apply


The job will be open from July 5 – 19, 2016 and advertised under job announcement number DEN-2016-0446. Applicants must be U.S. Citizens.

Contact Information:
Name: Seth Munson
More Information: RAMPS_ProgramCoordinator.pdf