Summer and Spring 2015 Graduates

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(Image for Belcher III, Chip) Thomas Belcher III
Advisor: Boris Kondratieff
Estimating the Population Size and Distribution of the Arapahoe Snowfly (Arsapnia arapahoe) (PLECOPTERA: CAPNIIDAE) Along the Northern Front Range of Colorado
(Image for Blecha, Kevin) Kevin Blecha
Advisor: Randall Boone
Risk-reward Tradeoffs in the Foraging Strategy of Cougar (Puma Concolor): Prey Distribution, Anthropogenic Development, and Patch-Selection
(Image for Bultema (Harbert), Betsy) Betsy Bultema
Advisor: David Cooper
Environmental Drivers of Plant Community Composition in Subalpine and Alpine Fens of the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, USA
(Image for Craig, Apryle) Apryle Craig
Advisor: Liba Pejchar
Impacts of Elk Management and Riparian Condition on Songbirds in Rocky Mountain National Park
(Image for Dohn, Justin) Justin Dohn
Advisor: Alan Knapp
Co-Advisor: Niall Hanan
Tree and grass interactions governing the production and distribution of savannas: Linking meta-scale patterns to underlying mechanisms
(Image for Esser, Scott) Scott Esser
Advisor: Jason Sibold
Topography, Disturbance, and Climate: Subalpine Forest Change 1972-2013, Rocky Mountain National Park, USA
(Image for Fleming, Jean) Jean Fleming
Advisor: Jason Sibold
The effects of bark beetle-fire disturbance interactions on post-disturbance forest regeneration
(Image for Larson, Courtney) Courtney Larson
Advisor: Kevin Crooks
Implications of outdoor recreation for wildlife conservation in protected areas
(Image for Lavallee, Jocelyn) Jocelyn Lavallee
Advisor: Rich Conant
Advancing understanding of the formation and stability of soil organic matter in a changing environment
(Image for Millar, Dave) Dave Millar
Advisor: David Cooper
Climate controls on ecosystem-atmosphere carbon exchange and hydrological dynamics in Rocky Mountain Fens
(Image for Renwick, Katie) Katherine Renwick
Advisor: Monique Rocca
The Interactive Effects of Climate and Disturbance on Tree Species Distributions
Susan Salafsky
Advisor: Ruth Hufbauer
Reproductive Responses of an apex predator to changing climatic conditions in a variable forest environment
(Image for Siers, Shane) Shane Siers
Advisor: Julie Savidge
Co-Advisor: Bob Reed
Microgeographic and Ontogenetic Variability in the Ecology of Invasive Brown Treesnakes on Guam, and Effects of Roads on Their Landscape-Scale Movements